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Charland Thermojet

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Design of high pressure washing systems who offer high efficiency even with multiples nozzles simultaneously used. Available system according to your specific needs.

Pressure washer

Charland Thermojet

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Pressure washer

Main features

  • System without any combustion, no pollution.
  • Electric water heater of 600 volts in 3 phases.
  • 1725 tr / min pump with direct training for a minimum maintenance.
  • Automatic start and stop the D.A.A engine with stop delay.
  • Thermal protector 145 oF (63 oC) to prevent overheating of the pump.
  • 1/2 in (13 mm) stainless steel serpentine on 4 & 6 gal/min (15 et 22.7 l/min) models and 3/4 in (19 mm)
  • copper serpentine on 8 gal/min model (30.3 l/min).
  • 100 meshs filter in the entry.
  • 50 feet (15.24 m) of 3/8 in (9.5 mm) hose.
  • 38 po (965 mm) double lance nozzle gun.
  • Injection of low-pressure cleaner at the exit of the serpentine.
  • Dimensions : 24 in X 30 in X 38 in (610 mm X 762 mm X 965 mm).
  • 1 year protection on the unit and 2 years on the serpentine as well as the heating elemen
Stationary model HP VOLTS kW Flow rate
gal / min
S3042EE 7.5 600 48 4.2 (15.9 l/min) 3000 (20.7 MPa) 180 oF (82 oC)
S2157EE 7.5 600 72 5.7 (21.5 l/min) 2100 (14.5 MPa) 180 oF (82 oC)
S2080EE* 10.0 600 72 8.0 (30.3 l/min) 2000 (13.8 MPa) 150 oF (65.5 oC)

* included: 2 nozzles gun and 50 feet of hose.

Charland Thermojet


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  • Pressure of 1500 PSI (10.34 MPa).
  • Flow : 3 GPM (11.4 l/min).
  • 600 V, 3 HP engine.
  • Pump : CAT 1530.
  • Protection with pressure switch
  • Automatic start and stop.

Industrial high presure and hot water washing machine

Charland Thermojet



The most remarkable characteristic of this pump remains, without any doubt, its simplicity which will give you a long lifespan, reliability and will reduce the maintenance costs.

ROTOJET pump will offer you the following benefits:

Simplicity of design: pump with simple training course which offers the advantage to have a single part which is subjected to the wear. This part is the mechanical joint which is only set against the pressure of suction (low pressure).

Operation: the pump is hydraulically stable, what allows it to operate with the valve of discharge close and with any point of operation of the pump. It does no effects of premature wear or risk of breaking.

Flexibility: all the models without exception are capable of developing low or high pressures only with the variation of the rotation speed. No modification of the pump is required.

Antiblocking: in comparison to the other centrifugal pumps, the ROTOJET does not block when it turns dry due to a lack of suction or to a valve of closed discharge.

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